Chapter 8. Change History

Changes Since Version 0.99.174

  • With the exception of a few documentation updates and the like, all of the work required to update FXPy from its last release to this one was handled by Bastian Kleineidam (<>). This release probably would not have happened any time soon if it weren't for his hard work and it's much appreciated.

  • Added new contributed example programs by John Przybylski (<>). See the and programs in the contrib directory.

  • Converted the documentation sources from DocBook/SGML to DocBook/XML format.

  • Converted all GIF image files to PNG format. For information on the reasons why, see this site.

  • Updated all APIs for consistency with fox-1.0.5.

Changes Since Version 0.99.172

Changes Since Version 0.99.167

  • Added support for overriding the virtual functions for classes FXCursor, FXGLCanvas, FXGLContext, FXGLViewer, FXPopup, and FXShutter.

  • Updated all APIs for consistency with fox-0.99.172.

Changes Since Version 0.99.164

  • Modified all of the example programs to work properly with the new scoping rules for Python 2.1. If your FXPy programs start with the line from FXPy import *, you will probably need to modify this to read from import * for it to work properly with Python 2.1.

  • Added support for FOX data targets (the FXDataTarget class) and a new example program ( to demonstrate the basics of how they work. For more details about the purpose of data targets, please see the standard FOX documentation.

  • Added support for debug targets (the FXDebugTarget class).

  • Converted most of the FXPy documentation to DocBook format. This should open up a few more options for printed output and so on in the future.

  • Moved the example programs to a new examples in preparation for filling up the tests with regression tests for FXPy. There's nothing there yet but I hope to start filling it in as time allows; it's the right thing to do.

  • Added a new example program ( contributed by Robert Schweikert to demonstrate the FXTable widget. This one is similar to the table example provided in the standard FOX distribution.

  • Fixed a bug for the FXMenubar.dock() and FXToolbar.dock() methods, when the second argument (the window to dock "after") is NULL. Thanks to Bryan Mongeau for discovering and reporting this bug.

Changes Since Version 0.99.160

  • Finally fixed the overloaded show() method for class FXTopWindow and its subclasses, so that you can call it with or without the second placement argument. This immediately deprecates the FXTopWindow.showPlaced() method -- it's no longer there.

  • Corrected the type-mapping from a Python file object (or integer file descriptor) into an FXInputHandle usable with the functions FXApp.addInput() and FXApp.removeInput().

  • Added a simple new example to demonstrate how to use the FXApp.addInput() and FXApp.removeInput() methods for monitoring inputs.

  • Fixed some bugs in the,, and examples related to calling FXFileDialog.setPatternList(). These examples were not updated when that API changed from an array of pattern descriptions and filters to just a single string.

  • Updated all APIs for consistency with FOX 0.99.164.

Changes Since Version 0.99.147

  • The overloaded constructors for FXCursor were not implemented correctly and so programs would crash as soon as you try to construct an FXCursor. This has been corrected.

  • Updated all APIs for consistency with FOX 0.99.160.

Changes Since Version 0.99.145

  • Corrected the message data sent from FXText to its message target. For the SEL_INSERTED and SEL_DELETED messages, the message data is a 2-tuple containing the start position and the number of characters inserted or deleted. For the SEL_REPLACED message, the data is a 3-tuple indicating the start position, the old number of characters and the new number of characters.

  • Updated the example to more closely resemble the version from C++ FOX.

  • Updated all APIs for consistency with FOX 0.99.147.